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Why Bodies Need Vitamin K

Provitas Provides K2 For You

As your mother, grandmother, school teacher and doctor undoubtedly told you: Vitamins are important. This is a scientific fact, but questions still remain. Specifically, what vitamins do you need, and what do those do?

You probably know vitamins C and D as well as your ABCs, but those are far from the only vitamins essential to a healthy lifestyle. Like a reliable football player you can always count on in the clutch, or the solid foundation holding a sturdy structure together for years, vitamins like K2 perform unheralded yet heroic functions that keep the house in order and keep your health humming.

What Does K2 Do?

Until recently, the benefits of K2 were unknown to large swaths of the public. But thanks to product form manufacturers like Provitas, this vital vitamin is available in many forms and ready to do its job–or, rather, its many jobs.


Forms strong bones

Ensures healthy skin

Promotes brain function

Prevents blood clotting

Helps prevent cancer

But that’s just the beginning. In addition to all of the above, K2 is a must-have component for cardiovascular health. And, like all great team players, K2 complements other vitamins like D3 to ensure calcium is properly metabolized and deposited into your bones.

It may not have the brand name recognition of the vitamins that appear earlier in the alphabet, but the research doesn’t lie: K2 is an indispensable aspect of any healthy life, and that’s why Provitas provides it.

How Can Provitas Provide it To you?

Provitas lives by the slogan “Vitamins for Life.”  The company provides oils, emulsions, powders, and more to fortify foods.  K2 is a premier example of how this Texas-based company manufactures products in many forms, to fit many needs.  Companies can look no further than Provitas for their custom vitamin solutions. 

Provitas does what it does to make food–and people–healthier. And, like K2, Provitas is essential.