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A Dive into Provitas

Provitas has a simple mission and a singular focus – we manufacture the four fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) for manufacturers in four main industries including food, dietary supplements, personal care and animal food. We founded the company in 2007 as a group of industry stakeholders who realized there was a business space between the big vitamin manufacturers in the industry and the large network of vitamin distributors for our specialized products and service.

We originally sought to bring more personalized attention to the mid-sized customer, but Provitas has proven there is a marketplace for our customized formulations no matter the size of our customer. We take pride in being easy to do business with and valuing strong customer relationships.

Vitamin basics

There are 14 vitamins commercially produced worldwide. Ten of those are water-soluble, including the well-known vitamin C and B vitamins, and four are fat-soluble – A, D, E and K. The key difference in the two types is watersoluble vitamins aren’t stored by your body. Whatever your body doesn’t utilize that day is excreted meaning you need to consume water soluble vitamins in your diet every day. Fat soluble vitamins are stored for later use whenever that nutritional need arises.

The reason we focus on the four fat-soluble vitamins is because our customers can’t use those vitamins in their purest forms for a number of reasons including:

  • The vitamin could be too potent.
  • The vitamin could be too unstable.
  • The vitamin could be in the wrong form – the pure form might be an oil where a manufacturer might prefer a powder.

To meet our customers’ needs Provitas will convert an oil to a powder, convert a pure form that isn’t water soluble to a form that is water dispersible, we will produce a potency that is safe to use, and we will add stability to the pure form of the vitamin.

Our business is governed by the FDA with guidelines we follow as well as audits by the FDA, outside third-party auditors, and even our customers whenever they want to make a personal inspection of Provitas’ operations.


Custom products, personal service

The vitamin industry is interesting in that globally it is very big in terms of dollars, but very small in terms of players. On the vitamin manufacturer side there are only around a dozen worldwide along with hundreds and hundreds of distributors. While companies can buy directly from a manufacturer or from any one of the many distributors, the regulatory environment requires FDA documentation and certification from vitamin manufacturers even if a company buys from a distributor. Basically, the FDA requires companies to know where the vitamin product they use comes from and that it is an FDA-compliant product.

The two traditional options for companies are to buy from one of the few established manufacturers that are expensive, might not know who their customers are and aren’t willing to customize their products or to buy from a distributor.

We decided to become a vitamin manufacturer that can be nimble, quick and offer our customers tailored products. Provitas can produce custom formulations, make what you want with short lead times, and we pride ourselves on being easy to do business with.

Customization is an important part of our business. For example, if a food manufacturer has an ingredient that is spec’d into their formula and they don’t want to undergo the regulatory burden around changing that formula, we can step in as a supplier making that exact ingredient formulation or recipe allowing the food manufacturer to keep that already approved formula.

Take the time to check out the rest of our website for more about Provitas, our products and our service.