Provitas® LLC brings innovative and affordable solutions for fortifying oil-soluble vitamins and nutrients into food, dietary supplements, and personal care products. Our processes improve safety, stability, solubility, potency and ease of use. 


Provitas® is a manufacturer of Vitamins A, D, E, Mixed Tocopherols and K in the form of powders, oils and emulsions. Defined by our integrity and transparency, we offer products of exceptional quality, including synthetic, PCR negative and non-GMO vitamins in both industry standard and custom formulas. Our production facilities are located in the USA and are FDA registered and cGMP compliant.

“I enjoy formulating our products and solving problems for people. I’ve worked in the vitamin industry for my entire career. It’s what I know, and I’m here to take care of our clients. In fact, our very first client started with us in 2008 and are proud to say they are still a customer today.” – Mac Weber, President

Through our quality, commitment to customer care and competitive rates, we have built a reputation for excellence with our customers. Provitas® branded products are sold worldwide as ingredients for the fortification of food, dietary supplements, and personal care items, continuing to provide excellence wherever they are available.


What our customers are saying:

“Thanks so much for jumping on this so quickly with your team. We provide this exact level of service to our customers and it is so nice (and sadly rare) for our vendors to treat us in the same manner. Our team was really WOW’d by your response and I just wanted to let you know that it is very much appreciated and recognized.”